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Worst Things to Inherit

What are the Worst Things to Leave in My Estate?

If you’re planning an inheritance, be careful about leaving these assets to a loved one. They may create more trouble than they’re worth.

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Elder Financial Abuse

Can You Protect Yourself or Loved Ones from Financial Elder Abuse?

Recent studies estimate that 39.6% of Americans 65 years of age or older are victims of financial abuse.

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Digital Assets

What are Digital Assets in an Estate?

Today, so many aspects of our lives are managed virtually. We keep currency, photos, music, documents, bills, medical records, artwork and even our social lives online or ‘in the cloud.’

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How Does a Conservatorship Work?

Britney Spears’ terrible, heartbreaking conservatorship seems almost surreal. How can someone with so much success and wealth find herself in such a position? Could what happened to Britney happen to you or me?

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long-term care costs

Long-Term Care Costs

As retirees live longer, many worry about outliving their savings. However, many older Americans haven’t planned for a looming expense: the cost of long-term care.

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Estate Planning

What are Biggest Mistakes in Estate Planning?

As you’re making your estate plan, you’ll want to carefully consider everything. This means it may take a while to complete your plan. Here are five things to watch out for along the way.

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