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Three generations - when should they update their wills?

When Should I Update My Will?

There are some obvious triggers that might prompt you to update your will, such as changes in health or marital status. There are, however, also ...
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Asian American four generation family.

Top 5 Estate Planning Nightmares You Can Avoid with a Will

In the realm of estate planning, a common adage rings true: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” As an experienced estate planning attorney, I’ve ...
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living trust or last will

Estate Planning Disaster: Divorce, Death and Missed Details

After the divorce, Mike logged onto the employer’s benefits system and tried, but failed, to delete Wendy as the beneficiary of his life insurance.
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Power of Attorney

How to Be an Effective Advocate for Elderly Parents

As family caregivers, we play many roles: scheduler, money manager, house cleaner, health aide, nurse, navigator, nurturer and more. Perhaps the most important role, though, ...
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Estate Tax Gifting Exemption

Do We Need Estate Planning?

Everyone, regardless of financial status or age, can benefit from having an estate plan—assuming you have assets to leave and people to leave them to.
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Happy Older Couple considers Marital Trust

How Marital Trusts Help Protect Blended Families

Understanding marital trusts is crucial for couples looking to secure their financial future and provide for the surviving spouse tax-efficiently. This article is a guide ...
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