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Good news about Social Security.

Good News about Social Security

For a long time, the Social Security Trustees have been warning that the retirement benefits system is facing some future financial hardships.
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Three generations celebrating Father's Day.

Crafting a Legacy of Love this Father’s Day

Congratulations, Dad! You’ve journeyed through the many stages of fatherhood, from guiding your children through their formative years to witnessing them become parents themselves. Amid ...
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Older woman talking on the phone and getting her estate planning completed.

Guide to Incapacity Planning: Protecting Yourself and Your Estate

Incapacity planning is a crucial aspect of managing your estate and ensuring that your wishes are honored if you cannot make decisions for yourself. This ...
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Vacation Home

How to Keep the Vacation Home in the Family

Vacation property can become a family legacy. Keeping your cabin, fishing lodge, hunting property or other special assets separate for future generations is often a ...
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Older couple on vacation point to the horizon.

Ensuring Your Estate Plan is Current Before Traveling: A Step-by-Step Guide

Planning a trip can be exciting, but before you jet off, it's essential to ensure that your estate plan is up-to-date. Life is unpredictable, and ...
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Probate Documents

What Will Happen to O.J. Simpson’s Assets?

The public is now likely to get a closer look at Simpson’s finances, and the families are likely to have a better shot at collecting—if ...
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