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Pandemic Inspired Estate Planning

Has the Pandemic Made People More Aware of Estate Planning?

Close to half of respondents earning $80,000 a year or more have a will, an increase of 7% since 2020, according to

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firefighters help woman visit her husband

Elderly Woman Thanks Firefighters for Ride to Visit Husband

An 87-year-old woman stranded for hours by a taxi company was given a free ride home in a fire engine, thanks to San Diego firefighters who noticed she was in distress.

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Beneficiary Designation

Why Is Beneficiary Designation Important?

When you set up your estate plan it is important to coordinate the legal planning documents that you or you and your attorney create with the document provided by your retirement account custodian and/or your life insurance carrier called a ‘Designation of Beneficiary.’

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long term care ombudsman

NY Bolsters Nursing Home Oversight

Ombudsmen serve on the front line of protecting vulnerable residents in nursing homes and assisted living.

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estate planning for young adults

Who Can Speak for an Incapacitated Young Adult?

Incapacity can occur because of illness or an accident. It can be temporary or permanent. That’s why every adult needs a power of attorney in place, once they turn eighteen.

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Special Needs Trust

Supplemental Needs Trust Preserves Essential Government Benefits

For disabled persons receiving financially based government benefits, supplemental needs trusts (‘SNTs’) can safeguard benefits and serve as an effective estate planning tool.

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