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digital assets

Can I Avoid Password Problems for My Family in Estate Planning?

Creating a list of digital accounts and instructions on how to gain access to them is now akin to having a traditional will or a trust in estate planning.

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Technology Healthcare Trends

What are Trends in Senior Health Care?

The pandemic was a catalyst for digital health adoption, including in the senior care space. Older adults used video calls to connect with families during lockdowns, and telehealth allowed seniors to meet with their doctors from home. Today’s seniors are more tech savvy than in the past, and this is likely to impact the way they interact with healthcare going forward.

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Sudden Caregiving

What If I Become a ‘Sudden’ Caregiver?

While the sudden caregiver has no preparation, no warning signs or slow changing of circumstance, the long-term caregiver certainly experiences situations of crisis.

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Blended families

How Do You Split an Estate in a Blended Family?

Good estate planning must consider more than what you want to happen to your property and for your beneficiaries. It also must consider what you intentionally want to avoid happening.

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Will or Trust

Do I Need More than a Will?

You should be aware of what a will can’t or shouldn’t do.

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Unclaimed Life Insurance

Can I Claim Grandfather’s Unclaimed Insurance Policy?

Insurance claims can be made at any time, even years after the death of the policy holder.

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