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Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney Dos and Don’ts

We see recurring confusion about what it means to be appointed with authority over money in a Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) for aging parents.

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post pandemic estate planning

What Should Be Included in Your Estate Plan?

The best time to do estate planning is ten years ago, but the second-best time to do so is now.

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Take Social Security Early

Should You Claim Social Security Early?

Experts often recommend postponing claiming Social Security. However, there are situations in which you should claim sooner.

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Telehealth Visits

Will VA Keep Telehealth Options?

Telehealth and online medical appointments will remain a key part of veterans health care even after the pandemic disappears, the Veterans Affairs secretary promised on Wednesday. However. department officials may need Congress’ help to ensure that.

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Certified Elder Law Attorney John McNair

Celebrating 5 Years as a CELA

This month I celebrate the five year anniversary of earning the National Elder Law Foundation’s Certified Elder Law Attorney, or CELA, designation. 

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Wally Funk departing Blue Origin

Wally Funk – Octogenarian Astronaut

Wally Funk (82) became the oldest person to travel into space this morning after lifting off aboard Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Space Capsule.

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