What are Benefits of Pre-Planning My Funeral?

pre-planning funerals

Questions around death planning can feel overwhelming: Cremation or burial or natural organic reduction? What will your family want, and what will it cost? Do you really need to think about all this if you’re young and healthy right now—or can you put off these decisions until you’re older or dealing with a life-threatening illness?

Caring for Your Aging Dad

Aging Dad Estate Planning

Aging dads fall into two categories: those who adapt to change even if it means allowing others to help, and those who refuse to give up any kind of control. How can you help, when it becomes clear that Dad needs you, and your roles begin to reverse?

When are You Required to File a Gift Tax Return?

Gift and Estate Tax Planning

The IRS wants to know how much you’re gifting over the course of your lifetime. This is because while gifts may be based on generosity, they are also a strategy for avoiding taxes, including estate taxes, reports The Street in a recent article “Do I Need to File a Gift Tax Return?” Knowing whether you…

Ten Tips for Aging Well in 2022.

Tips for Healthy Aging

As 2021 draws to a close, many of us are reflecting on the various ways our minds and bodies have changed over the course of the past year. No matter your phase of life, aging is something we all experience daily.However, that doesn’t mean we’re powerless in the process.

Any Ideas How to Pay for Long-Term Care?

Nursing Home Care

The costs of long-term care for older adults can be significant. Federal Medicare health insurance benefits do not cover most of these costs. Most people who incur costs for long-term care cover them with a combination of personal savings, long-term care insurance and Medicaid, among other sources.

Elder Law Boot Camp Provides Professional Education

John McNair's Elder Law Boot Camp

November 2, 2021 – DALLAS Dallas Elder Law Estate Planning Attorney John McNair will be hosting a series of Elder Law Boot Camp Webinars this month to help Social Workers, Care Managers, Financial Advisors and other professionals stay on top of changing legislation, regulations, and programs impacting senior adults. These free webinars will be held […]

Will Congress Provide more Resources for Elder Care?

Long-term care legislation

As the baby boom generation gets older, families are trying to figure out how to keep their parents out of nursing homes — which became even less attractive when Covid-19 ravaged assisted living facilities — while dealing with their growing and expensive needs. They’re also about to become the center of a political fight in Washington.