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How to Pay for Care without Going Bankrupt

Beneficiary Battle over Presley Estate Reveals Possible Problems in Estate Planning

Celebrity News about Lisa Marie Presley's Estate Plan

A badly in debt woman dies leaving the proceeds of substantial insurance policies to her children only to have her trust contested by relatives who claim an amendment naming the children as beneficiaries is invalid with no witnesses, misspelled names, suspicious signatures and was never given to previous trustees for review as required by agreement. A long, expensive, and protracted legal battle likely is brewing.

What Jackie Kennedy Knew about CLATs and Estate Planning

Jackie Kennedy Sunglasses CLAT planning

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis will long be known for many superlative distinctions: an internationally beloved former first lady of the United States, one of the most influential contributors to the restoration and preservation of the White House and a peerless cultural icon.

Are Trusts a Useful Tool?

Trusts a perfect tool

One type of trust, the qualified perpetual trust, can be used to pass assets down to your beneficiaries, decade after decade.

How to Plan in a Time of Uncertainty

Uncertainty News

Pandemics, inflation, rising interest rates, war in the Ukraine—uncertain times indeed! And yet, in the world of estate planning, almost every change in the zeitgeist offers its own suite of planning opportunities and applicable techniques.

Is Your Estate Plan Ready for Tax Changes?

Estate Tax

There are useful estate planning vehicles that take advantage of current historically high federal exemptions, while providing flexibility to adapt and modify those plans based upon future events or tax law changes.

Do You Want to Be an Executor?

Executor for Probate

Only you know your capacity and willingness to serve, or the degree of need expressed by the person asking you. However, it should help to know first that if you do decide to accept, there can be help out there and second there are standard procedures and practices you can follow.

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