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How to Pay for Care without Going Bankrupt

Three Essential Documents Your Graduate Needs

Graduates Need Legal Documents

Families are gathering this month to celebrate as the next generation of leaders graduate from high school and college.  As these young people march forward into the next stage of their lives, they should do so with the protection of three essential legal documents.

How Younger Adults Take Charge of Estate Planning

Young adults with new baby need estate planning.

Recent anecdotal trends show a new, positive shift among millennials and Gen-Z individuals. According to a recent article from Forbes, “Why Gen-Z Is Suddenly Creating Wills And Trusts—And You Should Too,” within recent months, more and more millennials and Gen-Zers who are being told to create an estate plan are actually going ahead and doing so.

Mothers Need More Than Flowers

Mother with two adult daughters for Mother's Day.

Women were already more likely to experience the stressors of “sandwich generation” caregiving – providing assistance to a parent, while raising children.  Women are more likely than men to withdraw partially or fully from the workforce when caregiving demands are high – negatively impacting their career advancement and retirement savings.

National Elder Law Month Facts

May is National Elder Law Month

Every year since 1963, the month of May has been dedicated to recognizing the lives and achievements of older adults.  The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) supports this annual proclamation by increasing awareness of their work for and on behalf of seniors.

Common Questions Concerning SECURE Act 2.0

Large family must consider tax implications of inherited IRAs under the SECURE Act.

The speakers touched on the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act of 2019, including the provision that a designated beneficiary must distribute the entire inherited IRA by Dec. 31 of the 10th year after the employee’s or IRA owner’s death (the 10-year rule), thus doing away with the stretch IRA for most beneficiaries.

When Should I Update My Will?

Three generations - when should they update their wills?

There are some obvious triggers that might prompt you to update your will, such as changes in health or marital status. There are, however, also some not-so-obvious ones to be aware of, according to financial planners and attorneys.

This Breathing Trick may Make You More Heart-Healthy

Older Women Exercising outside

A simple five-minute daily breathing exercise lowers blood pressure and potentially improves heart health as well as — or even better than — exercise or medications, say researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Gift and Estate Tax Exemption Limits Increase for 2024

Large, diverse family may benefit from 2024 Estate Tax Exemption increases.

It’s nobler to give than to take, the saying goes, and giving assets to loved ones while you’re still alive is a great way for them to enjoy the benefits right away—and for you to delight in seeing them enhance their lives.

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