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Mothers Need More Than Flowers

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Mother's Day

“More people may be mulling a return to the conventional Mother’s Day restaurant outing this year as local economies keep re-opening, buoyed by rising vaccination rates and improved consumer confidence.” reports Andrew Keshner for MarketWatch.  In his recent article This Mother’s Day, moms need a lot more than flowers, Keshner cites a recent survey by MassMutual which found that only 59% of mothers say they are optimistic about their finances verses 74% of fathers.

This disparity highlights the disproportionate impact the pandemic has had on women, with working mothers more likely to face job loss while being less likely to get a raise, all while shouldering most of the remote learning, elder care, and in-home responsibilities.

Oxfam reports that worldwide, women have missed out on over $800 billion in lost wages during the pandemic.

The MassMutual survey also found that half the fathers reported that they had increased their savings over the past three months, while only 25% of mothers reported the same.  Only 10% of mothers reported a promotion or raise, opposed to 18% of fathers during the same period.

Amanda Wallace, MassMutual’s head of insurance options sums it up:  “Ahead of Mother’s Day, it’s important for businesses, communities and loved ones to acknowledge these challenges, and provide as much support as possible to working moms in particular.”

Get her flowers, take her to brunch, send her a card, but most of all – give your mother a heartfelt “thank you” this year.

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