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The Return of In-Person Events

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As the number of people who have been fully vaccinated in the US continues to grow, in-person events are returning.  Precautions such as limiting attendance, spacing between seats, and masks when distancing can’t be maintained are making indoor, in-person events safer for most people.

Just this week, John McNair was one of several professional speakers at a full-day conference for members of the Texas Organization for Residential Care Homes held in Dallas.  In order for this in-person event to be held safely, attendance was limited, and ample space was available between attendees.  Some other recent events have been held outdoors, or have provided rapid COVID testing if an attendee had not yet been fully vaccinated.

Virtual Events Are Not Going Away

One thing that many businesses and individuals have learned during the pandemic, is that driving across town, or flying across the country to attend an in-person meeting is not the best use of resources.  We have learned over the past 14 months that productive meetings can be held using video conferencing.  Others have found that they appreciate attending conferences or other educational programs “on demand”, when the timing is right for them.  Technology can’t completely duplicate the experience of meeting face to face with someone, or the excitement of being in a large crowd of like-minded colleagues, but it can give us the option of deciding which events need to be held in-person, and which can be attended virtually.

Hybrid Events Are On the Rise

The rising trend in event planning is hybrid events, where some speakers and a limited number of people attend in-person, and others participate in the event from their laptop or mobile device.  Conferencing platforms such as Whova can allow both in-person and virtual attendees to communicate, network, and share common experiences.  Hybrid events allow more people to participate, expanding the range and reach of the event.  It also enables event planners to involve high-caliber speakers from across the country, without having to pay for travel expenses.

Whether you are looking to host an in-person educational event, or a hybrid or virtual event, McNair Dallas Law has a wide range of elder law and estate planning topics.  Presentation can be geared to the general public, or for professional audiences such as financial professionals, nurses, and social workers.  (Social Work CEU credit is available).  If you would like a full list of our presentations or to schedule an event, contact Susan at



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