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How to Pay for Care without Going Bankrupt

Can Cryptocurrency Be Inherited?

Digital Assets Cryptocurrency

If you’re merely dipping your toe in cryptocurrency, it can be hard to imagine your crypto as something worth talking to an estate attorney about. But that $100 in fun money could grow to a significant percentage of your total investments, sometimes overnight.

What is not Covered by a Will?


While a will is one of the most important estate planning documents you can have, there are things that a will won’t cover.

How Does an Inherited IRA or 401(k) Work?

Inherited IRA or 401K

So, you inherited a retirement account. Before you make any decisions on when and how to access the money, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the rules that apply to different beneficiaries.

Why are Beneficiary Designations Important in Estate Planning?

Estate Planning Assets

Vanguard has sent me a beneficiary designation verification letter. For the primary beneficiary, it says it will be the person I am married to at the time of my death. For the secondary beneficiary, it says, my descendants “per stirpes.” I have one child. Should the beneficiary designation include his name?

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