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Scammers Try to Trick Seniors with Medicare

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Medicare Scams and Fraud

The federal government is warning people with Medicare about scam artists offering ‘free’ COVID-19 tests.

Scammers use phone calls, phony websites, and ads on the internet, and television to try to trick seniors into providing their Medicare health insurance information.

They then use that information to bill Medicare for fraudulent charges, says Money Talks News’ recent article entitled “This Medicare Scam Offers Free COVID-19 Tests.”

In fact, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says in a recent consumer alert, “We’re hearing about many Medicare recipients who signed up for these free COVID tests and never got them. And what makes matters worse is that scammers also bill for other products and services people didn’t need — and didn’t get.”

Medicare fraud doesn’t always directly cost people with Medicare. However, if you have Medicare and someone makes fraudulent Medicare charges in your name, it can affect your own coverage.

As such, you should monitor your Medicare Summary Notice documents regularly for any charges for medical goods or services that you didn’t get.

Another common scam is to provide misleading information about Medicare Part C or Advantage Plans.  Scammers mislead consumers about potential cost savings, without disclosing coverage gaps, provider shortages, and hidden fees.  During Medicare Open Enrollment, it’s vital that you consider your options very carefully.  Organization like The Senior Source in Dallas can provide unbiased information and help you determine the best plan for your circumstances.

Most importantly, do not give out your Medicare or other personal information to someone who calls you unexpectedly.

Reference: Money Talks News (Aug. 23, 2022) “This Medicare Scam Offers Free COVID-19 Tests”

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