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Aging Life Care Managers

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Aging Life Care Managers (ALCA)

As many family caregivers know all too well, caring for an elderly loved one can overwhelm you quickly.

Aging Life Care Managers (ALCMs) help individuals with complex medical, social, or mental health conditions by providing guidance, expertise, and advocacy.  An Aging Life Care Manager (previously known as a geriatric care manager) can simply make life easier for those with chronic or complex health conditions, says Seniors Matter’s recent article entitled “What is a geriatric care manager?”

Aging Life Care Professionals often have a background in Social Work, Nursing, or other aging-related fields and have demonstrated knowledgeable and organized individuals skilled in advocacy and care coordination for seniors. They are specialists in senior care who can guide family caregivers and others in providing the best support for their seniors. In fact, many family caregivers think of senior care managers as unofficial family members.

They’re people you can trust to make the right choices when it comes to eldercare services, and they often develop bonds with the entire family.

The Aging Life Care Association is the nation-wide professional organization for ALCMs.  To become a recognized as an Advanced Professional, members must meet the education & work experience requirements and  hold at least one of four professional certifications.

Aging Life Care Professionals are experienced in eight knowledge areas:  Health & Disability, Financial, Housing, Families, Local Resources, Advocacy, Legal, and Crisis Intervention.

ALCMs are especially helpful in long-distance care situations.  Whether accompanying a client to see their physician, intervening to ensure medications are covered by insurance, or sitting with a client in the emergency room, Care Managers can be literal life-savers.

Even if the time commitment of family caregiving isn’t an issue for you, a geriatric care manager can be a welcome source of advice, guidance, and advocacy.

It’s much easier to feel confident about important decisions when you can consult with a qualified Aging Life Care Manager who can help you with the complex issues associated with proper care coordination.

Seniors Matter created a guide to provide seniors with detailed information about ALCMs, including what they do, and how to locate the most qualified individuals in your area.

The Aging Life Care Association website is also a great resource, and provides a search engine to help you find a professional near you.

Reference: Seniors Matter (July 7, 2022) “What is a geriatric care manager?”

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